My name is Muse. I'm a classically trained actress, photographer, writer (and naked lady) living in the beautiful English countryside, and this website is the result of a decade of dedication to the creation of art-photography; working alongside my talented husband David Charles.

My husband and I don't have a conventional photographer/muse work relationship (as most people understand it), as I am the art director for our images as well as the 'subject'. The images are my personal visions/concepts. I style the shots from start to finish; creating costumes from scratch, hair/makeup whatever is needed. I'm also the one exclaiming "Quick the light, we have 5 minutes to get the shots, before we've lost it..." (before running off toward said light while simultaneously discarding all my clothes) as David calmly gathers all his equipment and quickly calculates in his mind exactly how he's going to capture what I've envisioned. I'm impulsive, intense and imaginative, where as David is cool, calm, collected and practical, together we make a perfectly balanced team!

We're both professionally trained photographers, who now prefer to work exclusively with each other (having both worked in the theatre industry for many years) and purely out of personal choice that's how we will probably keep it for the foreseeable future, but maybe that's what makes us a little bit interesting!

We are the very definition of "art for art's sake"...

Print/Publication 2014/19


Normal Magazine, Special Edition Art Book (US, Canada, Italy, China, France)

Culture Magazine (Sunday Times, UK)

The Times


Harpers Bizarre (UK)

Réponses Photo Magazine (France)

Dark Beauty Magazine (US) x 6

The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today Volume I and II (Worldwide)

Mammoth Book of Erotica (Worldwide)

Esquire (UK)

Photo Magazine (Cover/Romania)

European Photography

The Photographic Journal

Digital Photo Pro (Cover/US)

Blur Magazine (US)

Hair Now (UK)

Palmers (Ad/Italy)

Visa (Turkey, alongside artist Mahir Ates)

Art Monthly (Cover/UK)

Aesthetica Magazine

FHM Espana


Online/Publication 2014/19


Huff Magazine

Huffington Post Interview

Dark Beauty Magazine x 3

Blur Magazine

Volo Magazine

PhotoVogue (Italy)

Mod Magazine



The Times


500px (promo)





Aesthetica Magazine

FHM Espana

Playboy (without our permission x 4).

I’ve lost count of online publications at this point, please let me know if you wish to be added :)