These are some of my favourite images we've created for quite some time, shot in the midday sun in this beautifully restored antique bedroom that had been left unused for a long time. Everything in the room was original (other than the light fittings, which ran off a generator). The tapestry has been there for many years and has never been finished, I was very kindly allowed to help finish it!

I had a very specific idea for the lighting in these shots; streaming hazily through the windows in the strong midday sun with a heavenly dreamlike atmosphere. The room at our request hadn't been dusted for a while and David was wafting a bit of cardboard around to create the beautiful dust motes! We used no fill light here, all natural. This is not an easy light to get right and it was a definite test of skills, we shot around 1000 images to get these few just right. The photoshop here isn't really even worth mentioning as it's teeny tiny adjustments to the highlights, removal of bright white light switches which stole focus, no colour, lighting or contrast adjustments. Shot with a 50mm prime lens (which we purchased to replace the one stolen a few months ago!), that's how we create the softness and depth of field, it's an excellent lens for creating a dreamy softness, but it does have a tendency to lie when you think it's focused and blur the wrong part of the image, so it can be tedious to use at times, but well worth the extra time and effort.