This is just the beginning of the series, I have another 30 or so to upload over the next couple of days (they need a little tweaking first, because of the lights we used).

These are fragmented and strange, which is exactly how I was feeling at the time. When I have strong emotions like this, I never fight them in my art, I go with the feelings and use them. I think this is why my work often comes across as genuine and heartfelt (hopefully), because it is. I don't just expose my skin, but my heart, my soul.

I just wanted to thank you again for sticking with me through these ups and downs and allowing me to express myself in this way,  these sets would not exist without you and that's a fact.

This was meant to be a log cabin, but because of our car being broken into and the windows all smashed, we couldn't drive up into the mountains as planned! We were really lucky that the people we were renting from were happy for us to have another property much closer instead, and this is it, half wood, half stone. Fantastic place with a great atmosphere. However it wasn't what I'd planned and I had hardly any props and I was thrown a little on what to create here at first (this trip was a BIG adventure wasn't it, so many bumps, I'll remember it always !). The light was very poor, very tiny windows, and as the old camera we borrowed is awful in low light and caused so much grain when we turned the ISO up, we had to buy some additional workman's lights, which caused their own problems being so harsh. So lots of experimenting going on here (but this is not a bad thing, it keeps things interesting and moving forward).

Regardless of those issues, I think we got some really good images here, I hope you like them too. As I said, lots more to come!