What is Patreon?

Patreon is a secure platform where you can support your favourite artists on an on-going basis, enabling them to continue to produce new work. 

In return, artists will share exclusive art and rewards with you.

How Does It Work?

You choose which Patreon tier you would like to pledge to, and then Patreon records your pledge.

Unless you join on the 1st of the month (when Patreon charges cards) you will not be charged yet. You will also not receive your passwords for the time being.

On the 1st of the next month, Patreon will begin processing all credit cards, and your card will then be charged with your chosen pledge amount.

If your payment is successfully processed on the 1st, you will receive an email from me containing your passwords and links for your chosen rewards/galleries etc. (This will happen within 12hrs of payments being accepted.)

Patreon charges will recur monthly until you cancel. You can also change your pledge to a higher or lower tier at any time via your Patreon account.

Q: What happens if there are no new images? 
A: This is extremely unlikely to happen. But, lets says I fall off a cliff or get kidnapped you will not be charged until I'm able to upload images again! (Unless you'd want to help with my air-ambulance costs of course!).

Q: What if I change my mind and want to cancel my pledge? 
A: You can delete your pledge before any paid content/rewards from a session has been distributed. If you have already received paid content/rewards, you will not receive a refund. See instructions for canceling a pledge on this page

Q: I have other questions! 
A: Email me with any questions you have. I’m very friendly so don’t feel shy! x

What to Expect

I aim to release 4 sets of exclusive art-nude images every month for my patrons (each set containing between 12 and 50 gallery quality art images).

All updates will be brand new work. Even my archive is made up of unseen, unpublished work! Exclusive to you.

I have also decided to let you into my world a little more with  an 'Intimate Collection' of personal images. I'm quite a private person in real life, but my husband loves to document our life, basic everyday things like; cooking, getting ready, learning lines for plays, climbing trees, gardening! Just day-to-day natural life (a naked diary!). I'm going to release these never-seen-before photographs to my tier 3 patrons (the images only include me, not my family). These are intimate, natural (often slightly voyeuristic) images, lovingly shot by a brilliant photographer, who also happens to be my husband.

Plans and goals

I'd eventually like to be able to create beautiful art in unique locations and different countries on a fulltime basis, that's my dream.

I will also be releasing 2 hard-cover books within the next year or two. A coffee table book of my art-nude work over the last decade and my long term series 'The Eden Project' which focuses on 'pure nudes' within the environment.

I already have a reputable publisher interested, but I need financial help to complete the 'The Eden Project' series as I originally intended. I'm unable to fund the planned destinations by myself without on-going sponsorship.

I'd also like to update old equipment and purchase some professional video software to enable us to create some artistic films (I'm a trained actress after-all, so this is definitely a direction I'd like to take my personal work in).

Those are my goals and my reasons for creating my Patreon, the more support I receive the more work I can create.


Art not profit

I have created tiers for all budgets, as I want to make sure that everyone can view and support my new work if they wish to (I will add a few more tiers soon).

I've been creating art nudes for a little over a decade now and throughout this time I have happily used all my own funds to create my art, everything I own has gone into my images, spent on equipment, locations, props, fuel, hours and hours of time, and I've never expected anything in return, as I genuinely believe it's my vocation in life; to create art for others to enjoy, and I shall still be posting art for free, just as I always have. But circumstances have changed and the time has now come where it's impossible for me to move further forward with my work without some help from my supporters.

This is why I have set up my Patreon, not greed or selfishness, I don't plan to make a profit, although a small income would make my life a lot easier! I simply want to create more art, push myself further than ever before and see where I can go without such a limited budget.

If you'd like to consider becoming my patron, please click the button below which will take you to my official Patreon (a new window will open).

Thanks for reading, I look forward to sharing lots of exciting new art with you for many years to come...